Sun & Sea

in Municipality of Thermaikos


blue_flagMost beaches of the Municipality of Thermaikos have shallow and calm waters which make them suitable for young children swimming and playing in the sea.The beaches of N.Epivates, Agia Triada, but also those of Palioura and Epanomi are ideal for families who want to enjoy a swim.

In addition, the beaches of Perea, N. Epivates, Agia Triada and Potamos Epanomi equipped with a lifeguard, which makes them even safer for the public.
Four “blue flags” adorn the shores of the Thermaikos Municipality. Specifically, the coveted international blue flag won the coasts in Perea, Nei Epivates, Agia Triada (PIKPA), the Angelochori and Epanomi, in Potamos location.
The Blue Flag is an international symbol, which is awarded the cleanliness and organization to beaches and marinas. Awarded since 1987 every year in many organized beaches and marinas that meet strict criteria of cleanliness, organization and protection of the environment.
“Year after year, the significant improvement in the quality of the water of  Thermaikos bay  has played a key role in making the beaches of our Municipality attracts thousands of visitors , who enjoy swimming, both on weekends and during the week days of summer. In all this, if we add all kinds of facilities for bathers, as well as its excellent service by the staff of shops, then we can speak with confidence that this year there will be growth of tourism in our region, “said mayor of Thermaikos Ioannis Mavromatis, and does not fail to refer to the “optimistic thoughts which makes every year the municipal authority, despite the difficult economic reality of the development of our coasts.”