Religious Tourism

in Municipality of Thermaikos


Part of the Greek culture is the religious faith and the surviving historical and Byzantine heritage. Guests from around the world who are interested in local culture and authentic religious monuments can, by visiting the Thermaikos Municipality, discover monuments and feel spiritual vindication.
More specifically exist in the region Churches and religious monuments (Michaniona- Epanomi- Kerasia- Mesimeri) which, when reinforced with mild studied interventions and commensurate promotion, may contribute to the increase of the tourist product to the municipality.
Specifically in the area there are:


Imposing grand temple in the central square of Michaniona, capacity of 4000 people, which was inaugurated in May 1984. Here is kept the namesake icon that brought together refugees after the Asia Minor disaster. According to tradition, the period of Iconoclasm a woman who hid the image, threw it in the sea to avoid damage. The image came out to Peramo where a monk found it. On August 23 the day of the Virgin Faneromeni celebration, Mihaniona welcoming pilgrims from every corner of Greece and those days performed a big festival one weeks duration.


It is aisled basilica of significant value with two natures tribute to the Virgin Mary and Saint Demetrios fact made evident by the two Agies Trapezes present in the temple. Built in 1865. Visitors can admire extraordinary paintings and Byzantine icons kept in the temple.


TEMPLE Highest Archangels
In the settlement of Kerasia dominates the sacred Temple of the Archangels. Is a post-Byzantine basilica wooden roof type which was inaugurated in 1818 and is protected by the Ministry of Culture. According to tradition, the church was built on the spot where was found buried the miraculous icon of Archangel Michael. In recent years when it was still the Kerasia community (1990s), the church was renovated with the help of the archaeological service and financial support of residents and local stakeholders. Today welcoming many pilgrims on November 8th, day of the feast.


The Church of St. George is one of the oldest temples of the municipality and is a three-aisled basilica. It is two natures temple dedicated to Agios Georgios and Agios Charalambos. According to testimonies in its place there was a small church which residents demolished and built in its position a new one in 1724 (according to the archives). The church burned down in 1821 and was destroyed and rebuilt in 1835 on the main church. According to an inscription on the entrance window of the bell tower was built in 1899.


In the area of Mesimeri dominates the Temple built since the Turkish occupation. According to testimonies of residents, the church was built by the Turks in order to go to church the Greeks who worked in their estates. Originally the church was dedicated to St. Nicholas. But in 1924 the refugees who settled in the village renamed it in the current name.


The church of St. Nicholas was built before the middle of last century in the occasion of the image of St. Nicholas ‘washed ashore’ in the area after a big sea storm.
On 17 May, celebrated festival is set up around the chapel where guests are offered local wine, raki and fresh fish.


All these together make a reverential religious unity which the followers of religious tourism can visit and vindicated their Christian feeling.