in Municipality of Thermaikos


 Traditional Flavours gastronomy
The traditional cuisine in the region, from ancient times to today, has been ruled by the concept of measure, where residents use the raw materials that they produce and manufacture. Their daily diet is based on numerous vegetables, legumes, olive oil, limited meat and plentiful fish that as a rule is accompanied by wine or tsipouro. in the region of our Municipality remains alive and


TSIPOURO is a Greek alcoholic beverage, which is inextricably linked to the lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment of the Greeks and represents an entire culture that unites friends around a table.Its History in the fertile land of Epanomi, Perea and Michaniona, which is full of vineyards, is lost in the mists of time as a legacy from the monks of Mount Athos (14 century). The “National Distillate”, as it is known, is produced from the “grape pumice”, the mass of grape remaining after pressing the grapes to produce wine. It starts with the grape, taking care of it for an entire year,until the big moment, the boiling, when drop by drop it ends up clean in the glasses and the hearts rejoice.
Despite the fact that in the last decades of the 20 century, the production of tsipouro has become industrial, in our region it is still brewed at “home” in the traditional way that it was born and has been respectfully transferred from generation to generation, like a closely guarded secret shrine.From late October until mid December the area is literally “boiling”. Traditional boilers are
preparing the “Agioneri” (Holy Water), which culminates in tsipouro celebrations that are accompanied by a traditional feast.
It is served in all the taverns of the Municipality and is accompanied by appetizers that traditionally must have a salty or sour taste. In terms of flavour it is suited to accompaniments of thick cheese, tzatziki, small fried or salted fish, baked potato and traditional pickles.